Friday, October 17, 2008

Toradora - 03

Barely a minute into the episode and we already have Kugimiya, Rie uttering her famous "Urusai, urusai!" line. Funny? A little, maybe. Irritating? Yeah, it's getting there... I liked her character in Shakugan no Shana but I hope we won't have to hear her say this line every episode. I think it's becoming the japanese equivalent of the bud light wassup guys.

I think I'm getting used to the opening song already. Originally, I didn't really like the techno like beat but it's too catchy for it's own good.

This episode revolved around Ryuuji's crush, Minori and her various jobs. They did a good job of fleshing out her character so we can understand a little bit why he likes her. She's a bit tom-boyish and energetic but at this point it seems like Minori and Ryuuji's personalities clash.

Ryuuji seems like a dependable guy (albeit shy) and Minori seems like the kind of girl who can stand on her own (or at least wants to). Maybe later on they will show Minori's weak side but she doesn't really seem like a believable love interest.

Over on Taiga's side, she is really overworking the tsundere angle. I think she's way too hard on Ryuuji for liking Minori. It just doesn't make sense for Taiga to try to help him get Minori and then beating him up whenever he thinks about her. I know the tsundere angle is an important comedic element, but they could use it better or at least lighten up a bit.

Wow, there was definite cupping! I like the way that old guy thinks... Hilarious!

Overall, the episode wasn't anything special but it was decent. I hope they can start moving the story along a little faster though, some of the parts seemed to drag on forever and go nowhere. Particularly the scene where Ryuuji and Minori are locked in the shed. Normally, situations like that would be more romantic and tension filled but I felt like it was too early for this scene since nothing happened to the two of them while they were alone. Hopefully, things will heat up next week.

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