Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kannagi - 01

Wow, what an awesome opening! The song is so catchy and fun and the dancing animation is top notch. This show holds a lot of promise although at this point I'm not really sure where the show is going. Basically, the male lead, Jin, carves a goddess out of a tree trunk and goes around purify impurities that come out of the land. Surprisingly, Jin is okay with all of this and is very hospitable to the goddess despite her arrogant and commanding nature.

Jin seems like a very reliable and aimiable male lead. His reactions to the Nagi (the goddess) are always entertaining.

Nagi is one of the funniest female leads ever. Her innocent arrogance and sense of humor make her a lovable and cute character. I think at the end of the series she will end up being one of my favorites along with Suzumiya, Haruhi and Nodame.

Together, I think the two have such a great dynamic and they easily carry the episode despite being the only characters at this point in time.

However, I could do without the male nudity which reminds me of Inukami. There are a lot of other funny moments in this episode like when Jin turns on the TV and sees a lingerie commercial so it's nice to see they don't discriminate.

Overall, I think this episode is definitely worth a watch and this series may end up being one of the best brand new series of Fall 2008.

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