Friday, October 17, 2008

Clannad After Story - 03

Kawaii! Mei-chan was so cute this episode. It was hilarious watching her cling onto Sanae and apologizing for her brother being so lame.

On the other hand, Sunohara was also funny in his own goofy way.

I liked his swordfish hero skills, very entertaining. His antics reminded me of Jun Kitagawa from Kannon and his elvis dance routine.

However, I kind of felt like Tomoya was being a dick to him this episode. He should have told him that Sanae was Nagisa's mother when he started developing feelings for her. Not sure why he would purposely set him up like that. However, I was even more surprised when Sanae agreed to go out with him again. Scandalous!

Onee-chan! I didn't know Tomoya was into that brother-sister roleplaying thing. It was really funny to see him get so excited whenever Mei-chan called him Onee-chan.

Especially, when those three found out about it and ran away like he was some sex-crazed pervert. The dropping of the ice cream was a great touch. Genius, genius, genius!

I can only suppose Sunohara is so down at the end because Sanae dumped him. That would explain why he didn't argue with Tomoya dating Mei-chan. However, I think it was still a dick move for Tomoya to butt in like that and make up that fake story. Way to kick a man while he's down, jerk! Hopefully, the next episode will be as entertaining, but from the look of it, I think it will be more drama oriented than comedy oriented which may or may not be a bad thing.

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