Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kannagi - 02

This was another great episode that had it all. Nagi was very funny and I have to say I am loving the dynamic between her and Jin.

Her character changes from the innocent, cute girl to the bossy tsundere were so excellent that I actually believed her when she said she had split personalities. Kind of like Kozue from Mahoraba. I really dig her sense of humor.

Especially the bit about the wand perfectly being glued in the center was spot on. Also, you got to love the way she tries to cover it up as a cloth hanger. A+ for effort.

It was also nice seeing a little bit of a love triangle, threes company misunderstanding type situation. Tsugumi's reaction to Nagi was priceless. In addition to all the romance and comedy, it was nice to see them show a little bit more of Nagi's mystical powers as a goddess.

Albeit a sad situation where the two baby kittens died (shame on Jin for being so stingy and cold), it was a very touching scene that brought a nice contrast to the fun, comedic scenes.

Overall, I think the series is heading in the right place and next week's episode seems like it will continue the trend.

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